Sunday, 14 April 2013

Textiva Film - the WOW Factor!

Textiva Fusible Film*, rubber stamp, iron and heat gun!!!  

12" X 12" Textiva Film Collage

What a great impact you can make using these four items. 

The stamped image is ghostly, yet visible and the film glistens and changes colour in response to the heat.

* Textiva Fusible Film is the material used to make Angelina fibres. It is widely available online and in craft stores. Here's a link to a great online source

Here's how you do it:

Put your rubber stamp on a hard surface, stamp side facing up. Lay a piece of Textiva film over the top of the stamp.
Stamped Textiva
Stamp image ironed onto Textiva

Now layer a piece of parchment paper or teflon sheet over the Textiva film. Using your iron, glide it over the surface of the stamp, using a wool or silk setting.

The image of the stamp will appear on the film, and the heat also changes the colour of the film.

Textiva stamp
Ironed Textiva - iron too hot
I used an iridescent film, called Crystal Green Lightning, so the resulting colours were shimmering greens, reds and blues.

I continued to put the stamp under different sections of the film, repeating the process to obtain the leaf print throughout. 

Once I had three sections of film "stamped", I attached them to a background fabric which already had fusible web applied to it, and gently ironed the film to the fabric.  

Once this was done, I took the heat gun to it and created some holes and interesting edges.

Fusible Film collage
12" X 12" Textiva Film Collage
Some final interesting finds:

  • Textiva Fusible film adheres to itself, so you can layer it to get a larger sheet.  
  • If you use an iron that is too hot, it creates some holes in the film as the image of the stamp transfers
  •  Using a non rubber stamp will melt your stamp!

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