Sunday 8 November 2015

Canvas - Experimental Sample for City and Guilds

It has been awhile since I have updated my progress with my City and Guilds Level 3 modules.  A recent presentation I made has prodded me to do some blogging about it. So, going back to Module 2, after the research on an artist (I chose a digital artist), the notes on shape as a design element, and the design exercises, we moved onto the stitching samples. I already shared about the Blackwork sample, so this time I will post about my experimental sample. 

Experimental Canvas Sample

As this experimental sample was to be done on canvas, we were instructed to create our own design, as most of our line designs and the shape designs created in Modules 1 and 2 would not be easily translated onto canvas. So, keeping in mind that the focus on the module is shape, I tried to create and add a variety of shapes on the canvas (12 count).  

Canvas sprayed with ink, painted Wonder Under applied and stencilled

I started by spraying the canvas with acrylic inks, and then applied chunks of painted Wonder Under to it.  I also added a little Angelina fibre to add a tiny bit of sparkle. Finally, I stencilled on the canvas with paint. 

Distressed painted Tyvek, crocheted washer, stitching, and commercial trim

I also wanted to add several diverse elements to the piece win addition to those achieved with thread, so I added painted wood sticks wrapped with wire, Sizoflor, silk sari yarn, distressed Tyvek, leather, paper, commercial trim, and crocheted and thread covered washers.

Painted wood sticks with wire accents

The stitching was done with a variety of threads, from a heavy acrylic yarn, to a #8 pearl cotton. 

Working on a canvas was different for me, as I usually work on a fairly solid background of some sort. It was also different to create elements that were basically linear, except for the washers.  All in all, it was engaging and this was the final piece for Module 2. 

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