Saturday 10 January 2015

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately, and have been enjoying learning some new embroidery stitches. I am glad to share these directions for a stitch that you do not see very often:

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch (Also known as Braided Chain Stitch) 

This stitch is worked as a reverse chain stitch. This raised stitch very good for making bold lines of stitching.  



Initially take a small stitch and make this into an isolated chain stitch, or daisy stitch. (See photos 1 and 2)



Now, Make another chain stitch, using the first stitch made, but do not pull this stitch tight. (Photos 3 & 4)


Make another chain stitch, putting the needle under the loops of the first chain stitch made. These are the inner loops. Before pulling the thread through, pull the thread fairly snug around the needle, tightening the loops of the previous chain stitch. (Photos 5 & 6)


Continue making loose chain stitches, bringing the needle through the previous chain stitch loops, and then tightening the outer loops after putting the needle under the inner loops.

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