Friday, 27 February 2015

Blackwork With a Bit of a Twist

Blackwork Sample On Burlap
In Module Two, City and Guilds Level Three Certificate in Hand Embroidery, we are asked to do a Blackwork sample. However, we are also asked to do something that is not traditional.  So, I decided to do my blackwork on lime green burlap. I also used some ribbon floss as my "grout lines" and some tulle for some shading in a few of the sections. 

This sample started with some design work, of which there is a lot in the City and Guilds courses. I am taking my courses through The School of Stitched Textiles.  They provide online courses of study broken up into distinct modules and I have been enjoying my studies through them. 

Oil Pump Sketch
Motif from Oil Pump Sketch

Module Two is based on an industrial theme, at least this is where you start. Among the many sketches I did, at least a couple were of oil pumps (being from Alberta!).  From the sketches, you develop designs. For a few of my designs, I chose to work with the motif of the most recognizable portion of an oil pump.

Cut up pump motifs 

One "design exercise" that I used with this motif involved cutting out three of the motifs, then cutting those up. I used a marbelized paper for this. I moved the pieces around until I had a design that I liked. Some of the pieces were simply moved apart and others moved to fill in spaces. Finally, the pieces developed into a "fish", of sorts and I felt that the design was finished. From this "fish" I made my design for the blackwork and got stitching.

What I really enjoyed in making this sample, was doing the blackwork patterns. There are such a vast array of potential patterns you can make. It was different doing this on burlap as burlap is not exactly an even weave fabric, but I was pleased with the final result.  The black really stands out on the lime green and the little bit of shading that the tulle provided added something a little different to the patterns.

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