Monday, 1 June 2015

Double Chain Stitch

This stitch can be used with fine or heavy threads. It can be straight or curved, and the width can be varied as well.

Photo 1

To begin, mark two working lines on your fabric with a disappearing pen. I like to use the FriXion™ pen by Pilot. These come in several colours and disappear with heat. 

Work this stitch from top to bottom. Begin with a waste  knot.  

Photo 2
Bring your thread up. (Photo 1).  Keeping your thread below and to the right  of your needle, take your needle down half  a stitch length above starting position but on the right line and take your first stitch, bringing the needle up at half a stitch length below starting position, still on the right line. Pull the thread through creating an open chain stitch. (See photo 2)  Again. this stitch should be long enough to extend a half stitch below point.


Photo 3
The next chain stitch will be made from your initial starting point to a half stitch length below where you ended your first stitch, along the left  side line. Keep your thread under and to the left of the  needle. The chain stitch should extend a half stitch length below. (Photo 3)



Photo 4
Continue by starting your stitches inside the chain, keeping your thread below and to the right of the needle, coming up a half stitch length below the last stitch, but on the right side line. (Photo 4)

Work alternating open chain stitches along the two lines and finish with a small stitch over the last loop. Weave in threads. 

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