Friday 12 June 2015

Drizzle Stitch

Drizzle Stitch in a tight circle
This is a three dimensional stitch most often used in Brazilian embroidery. You can do the stitch as a single stitch or in groups, in lines, or in circles, and you can make each stitch as long or short as you like. It is particularly useful in creating underwater scenes.

It is important to use a needle with the shaft the same size as the eye, so the stitches will slide off it easily. So, depending on your thread size, use Milliners or straw needles. 
Photo a

Photo b
To make this stitch, knot your thread and bring your needle up on the right side in the desired location. (Photo a)

Put your needle back into the fabric close to the position where you came up. DO NOT put the needle all the way through the fabric, just pierce it with the end. Leave the needle partially in the fabric and pull  the thread out of the needle. (Photo b)

Photo c
Photo d
To wrap the thread, circle the needle and put the thread through the circle. As you will want to make each of these wraps the same way on the needle, remember whether you are going over the needle or under the needle with the thread to begin. This wrap is similar to casting on with a knitting needle, or doing a needle lace stitch. Pull the thread to tighten the wrap, but not too tightly around the needle, but not too loose either. (Photo c) 

Continue wrapping the needle, snugging up the wraps each time. Keep these wraps a consistent size. (Photo d)

Photo e
Photo f
When you have finished the number of wraps desired, re-thread your needle.  Hold the wraps down the fabric with your thumb and pull the needle through to the wrong side of the fabric.  The more you pull on the stitch, the more it will rise and twist.  You can also move the wraps around in a spiral, or make them stay straight. (Photos e & f)

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